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Hideous AU verse is hideous

[Shin, aka Agent Pearl Harbour (this wasn't his fault) was not cut out to be a Freelancer.

This was apparent early on in his training: by their very nature, the elite Freelancers had to be lean mean killing machines (which Shin certainly wasn't, feeling terribly rude any time he ended somebody's life early) as well as inhabiting superlatively technological armour and, eventually, bearing a small technological marvel with them at all times, often inside their heads.

This was especially distressing to his training staff, as Shin tended to brutally mutilate anything more advanced than a flashlight without even knowing how, and as his comment of--]
My apologies, Agent Washington, [--indicated, he had in fact cost his trainers a good deal of money yet again.]
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[ The short version is that he has no idea how Shin ever became a Freelancer.

The long version is-- well.

They're the best of the best -- that's what Project Freelancer is for, to bring the most capable soldiers together to effectively combat the enemy, and Shin certainly has the strength to deserve the position.

The rest is a little more questionable.

Right now, Wash is resisting smacking his helmet against the nearest wall for what feels like the thousandth time, looking at the sparking remains of what had been his latest suit of armor. Instead, he just lets out a long, pained sigh and looks at th other Freelancer, just waiting for the latest migraine to come on. ]

What did you do this time?
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Sure you didn't.

[ Wash rolls his eyes under his helmet and just looks down at Shin -- and then promptly takes a step back as the helmet sparks in his direction. ]

You know that's the fifth one this month.
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Funny how you're the only one it seems to happen to.

[ SORRY MAN HE'S NOT BUYING THAT. also yeah um no he's not touching it. and taking another step back. ]

What? --No, don't give it to me, take it down to armor processing already.
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...Oh. Right.

[ He was trying to block that out of his memory, actually, because dealing with them had been a nightmare. Wash eyes the helmet and then reaches up to rub his own, wishing he could just bang it against the nearest flat surface. ]

Then just-- I don't know. Borrow an extra.
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That's... probably for the best, actually.

[ He'd managed to pulverize every one anyone had ever lent him, after all. It was a wonder he'd survived after what he'd done to one of Maine's, really.

Still, that doesn't save him from, well, the obvious. ]

You can't just go out without a helmet. How are you going to use the radio?
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...Right. You do that.

[ what is his life. ]

Is that it?
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[ beat. ]

You're not coming.
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shin you are not james bond get out

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[ just. staring. ]

You don't have a helmet.
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it would be ridiculous and you know it

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Oh for-- not this again. This is a war, Shin. The idea is to avoid getting caught, remember?
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i would call it the worst au but this is more terrible.

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[ Yeah no he's not buying it. ]

Let me see it.
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no man it's all on you. i had nothing to do with it.

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[ ...................... ]

That's it?
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no we're good. really.

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[ Wash can read between the lines loud and clear, asshole. :| Wash scowls at him either way, not liking any of this situation, and folds his arms. ]

I can if you coming with me will just get you killed.
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yes. yes i'm sure.

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[ Wash stares at him for a moment and then just gives up, wiping a hand down his visor uselessly. ]

Okay, fine, you can come along. Just-- go get the extra ammo, and be careful, would you?
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...are you blackmailing me. also where are we going with this

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[ Everything's set, but Wash can't help but be wary at the sight of that helmet. Shin doesn't seem bothered, though, and despite all of his worrying they do actually need to get this mission done, so Wash surveys the packs and gives him a nod. ]

Let's move out.